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Affordable Tree Service Tuscaloosa LogoThere may be a lot of tree service companies in Tuscaloosa, but none is as trustworthy and reliable as Affordable Tree Service. We know every aspect about tree care and we use this experience to ensure that we provide only the best tree care to our valued clients. We have been providing our service in the Tuscaloosa area for over 10 years and we continue to improve every characteristic of our tree  service to keep our customers happy. We are a full-service tree service business that provides both to commercial and residential service. We take pride in the positive reviews we have from our customers.

We are  the top tree service in Tuscaloosa that homeowners trust when it comes to their tree care needs. Our  services are sure to improve the appearance and health of your landscape and trees. We dedicate ourselves in offering the best service for your high expectations. No matter what kind of tree care you need,  Affordable Tree Service  can accomodate. Our services range from tree removal to tree trimming. We also have stump grinding service for that unwanted tree stump left by a tree removal. We are ready to provide you with the top Tuscaloosa tree service.  Our services can be found here:

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You don’t have to search for individual services for your different requirements because we can offer them all. Our team of certified tree experts are experienced in the art and science of tree care. We employ the newest climbing and cutting techniques to ensure that we keep up with the new trends in the industry. We value safety when we take on a job, which is why we provide insurance and licensed documentation to protect our customers. These two coverages are important to keep you from any financial and legal liabilities in case an accident happens while we work on your property. You have to be aware that most property owner’s insurance policy will reject any damage claims if they found out that failure to maintain your tree is the reason for the damage.

We employ first-class equipment to satisfy all of you tree care. Our state of the art equipment is used every tree care job. We use  the best stump grinders, wood chippers, and trucks in making sure that we provide you with proper and efficient tree care service. Always consider a tree company’s equipment when hiring them. Determine if they maintain the condition of what they use on the job because this is also a sign of the business’s professionalism.  Imagine how they will handle your tree care needs if they cannot keep their own equipment clean and in good condition.

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Affordable Tree Service

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