Tree Trimming

Do you want to know the secret to a healthy and beautiful tree? Tree trimming is a valuable tool not only to maintain the health of your tree but also to restore its beauty. A healthy tree is a safe tree that is why it is essential to keep your trees regularly trimmed to avoid them from causing damages. If a tree is planted too close to a fixed structure such as a house or a building, there is a danger of it falling into the property and injuring a person passing by. Trimming can prevent this from happening.

We can make sure that your trees will not cause you trouble in the future with trimming. We are experienced when it comes to trimming trees regardless of the size and species of the tree. Our expertise in the field makes us more than qualified to perform tree trimming for you. Backed by science and proven by experience, trees will benefit a lot from trimming. It can impact your entire landscape if you have one tree that is not well-maintained that is why you should consider having your trees trimmed by the professionals to keep it looking healthy and beautiful. You will see how significant the difference is before and after the tree has been pruned.

Further, it is essential that the tree service company strictly adheres to trimming guidelines. This is to ensure each tree is trimmed correctly and to avoid further damages to the tree. Certified arborists know that they should not trim the tree too close to its trunk because it can harm the entire tree. Also, we consider nearby structures when trimming avoiding limbs and branches falling off them.

Tree Trimming Process

Like we do with other services we offer, we begin the tree trimming process with an on-site visit by one of our representatives. He will inspect the tree to be trimmed and consider nearby structures. We will tell you our approach to make sure that you agree to it. We will then offer you a firm quote detailing the tree trimming process. Depending on your preference, we will trim your trees with heavy equipment or by safety climbing harness. We always consider your safety as well as your property surrounding the tree that is why we operate with utmost care. We can haul the wood away or pile them anywhere in your property. We will never leave the work site without making sure everything is cleaned. We have a ground crew who will be stationed below the tree to ensure all limbs and other tree debris is handled correctly.

Tree pruning, on the other hand, is very similar to tree trimming but is less aggressive. While trimming aims to remove major branches, pruning is focused on eliminating small limbs and branches. We are skilled both in trimming and pruning trees. We want to improve the aesthetic of your trees, and we can do it by pruning them.

If you have more than one tree you wish to be trimmed or pruned, we can offer you multi-tree discounts to help you save on cash.  Call our tree service company for a free tree trimming or removal estimate.