Tree Removal Service

Every tree is an asset to any property. However, if a tree causes a potential hazard because it is damaged, diseased or can no longer be restored, it becomes a liability and demands to be removed. Tree removal is not something that should be done by anyone because there are risks involved in the process. Eliminating large trees need the right equipment for proper removal. Due to the elaborate process of tree removal, it has been one of the most requested services we have. We can safely and efficiently remove trees that are diseased, damaged, and unsightly. For many years, we have eliminated tree of all types, size, and age. The process of tree removal begins with a free on-site assessment by one of our tree experts. We will inspect the tree to be removed as well as the area and the surrounding properties. We will also provide you with a verbal quote followed up by a written one in case you agreed to the verbal estimate. Along with the written estimate, we will provide you with our licensing and insurance documentation for your protection.

The pricing for tree removal dramatically depends on two factors: the species of the tree and its size. We also consider the location of the tree when giving the total cost. Trees that have multiple trunks need more planning and careful execution to ensure it is done correctly. Further, the larger the tree is the more effort required for us to take it down. Besides, if the tree is in a hard to access location, we will have to be more extra careful not to damage structures nearby. We can then schedule a date when we will do the tree removal project.

Tree Removal Tuscaloosa

One of our staffs will phone you before the tree removal day to confirm the time our crew will be onsite. We will discuss with you the details and ask if you have further requests that you want us to do. We give ourselves a two-hour arrival window to be on the site and begin the process.

Our foreman will designate specific tasks to the members of the team and begin the process. Our lead cutter will use a safety harness or one of our lifts to start cutting the main limbs of the tree. We will follow a very systematic method beginning from the crown to the main trunk. The ground crew will be positioned at the base of the tree to cut the limbs into manageable segments. The process will go on until we only have the stump to work on. Throughout the process, we will ensure that the surrounding area is clear from tree particles, branches, twigs, limbs, and other tree debris. We will make sure that your properties, as well as other trees, are kept safe throughout the removal process.

If you selected the option for stump removal, we would schedule on another day. All woods from the tree will be either hauled away or piled anywhere within your property. When we leave for the day, your yard will look as if it was never touched.