The Difference Between Tree Trimming and Tree Pruning

Tree pruning using a pole sawA lot of people use the terms tree pruning and tree trimming interchangeably. Although they are virtually similar, there are still distinct differences between the two. The only fact is that these two tree maintenance techniques are both useful to make sure the trees in your yard are healthy and beautiful. It is essential to learn the distinction between these two to make sure you give the right care your tree needs.

The Right Time to Use Pruning vs. Trimming

Pruning is generally related to cutting trees and shrubs. Their health can significantly improve by removing dead, broken, or infected branches. When trees and shrubs are correctly pruned, their ability to grow and thrive is increased dramatically. Also, when unhealthy branches are removed, the risk of them falling to your house and causing harm to anyone is reduced. Pruning can also be used to improve the aesthetics of your tree and overall landscape because it can control a tree’s shape and size. On the other hand, trimming is used for shrubs and hedges for aesthetic reasons. It gives the tree a neat look and gets rid of dense bushes that can block sunlight which is essential for trees’ health.

The Difference in Equipment Used

Pruning and trimming both involve cutting the trees but they use different equipment for the job. Pruning mostly requires the use of two types of sheers: the hand sheers and the loping sheers. Hand sheers cut stems up to three-quarter inches in diameter while loping sheers can cut up to one and three-quarters thick. Loping sheers have longer handles compared to hand sheers. You can also utilize a pruning saw for thicker branches. In most cases, trimming trees involves the use of manual, electric, or gas-powered clippers.

Particular Timetables

Both trimming and pruning should be done in the right season. Many trees need to be pruned yearly, but the timing depends on your goal for pruning. If you want your trees to flourish during spring, prune it during winter, while you should prune it in summer to stunt its growth. If you prune the tree after its blooming cycle, you will increase its flowering capacity.

On the other hand, trimming should be done twice a year for aesthetic purposes. The timing for trimming is at least once after the flowering season. For smaller shrubs, they should be trimmed before they grow to one-foot height to improve their health.

Should You Hire a Professional

When you know the difference between pruning and trimming, it will be easier for you to determine whether you need help from a professional tree service company or not. If you what your tree needs are a simple bi-annual trimming, you may not need to hire a professional arborist, instead just buy hedge clippers and perform the job. However, if the job involves tall trees and dangerous power lines, calling a certified arborist will be the smartest move to make. Also, if there are a lot of trees in your yard that needs simultaneous trimming and pruning, a professional tree company might help.

Knowing the difference between pruning and trimming gives you the power to keep your trees healthy all year-round. You can make wise decisions and give your trees the right care they need.

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