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There may be a lot of companies in the area of Tuscaloosa, but none is as reliable and trustworthy as Tidde Tree Service. We know every detail about tree care, and we use this knowledge to ensure that we provide only the best service to our valued customers. We have been offering our service in the local area for decades, and we continue to improve every aspect of our tree care service to keep our clients satisfied.  

We are a full-service tree care company that caters to both residential and commercial properties. We take pride in the many positive reviews we have received from our clients on many online sites. 

We are the premier tree care company that Tuscaloosa residents trust when it comes to their tree needs. Our complete services are sure to improve the health and appearance of your tree. We dedicate ourselves to providing the best service to meet your high standards.  

No matter what type of tree care you require Tidde Tree Service will be able to offer it to you. Our services range from tree trimming to tree removal. We also have a stump grinding service for unwanted tree stumps left by tree removal. We are ready to provide you with the best tree service in Tuscaloosa, AL.

About Tidde Tree Service Tuscaloosa

You don’t have to look for individual services for your different needs because we can provide them all. Our team of certified tree specialists and tree experts is well-trained in the science and art of tree care. We employ the latest climbing and cutting methods to ensure that we keep up with the new developments in the field. We value safety when we take on a project, which is why we ensure a license and insurance document to protect our clients. 

These two documents are important to protect you from any legal and financial liabilities in case an accident happens while we work on your property. You have to be aware that most homeowner’s insurance policies will deny you any damage claims if they find out that failure to maintain your tree is the reason for the damage. Regardless of the scope of your tree needs, we will be able to handle them efficiently and safely for you.

We employ top-of-the-line equipment to meet all of your needs. Our state-of-the-art equipment is used for all of your integral parts of tree care. We use only the best stump grinders, wood chippers, and trucks to make sure that we provide you with efficient and proper tree care service. Always consider the tree company’s equipment before hiring them.  

Find out if they maintain the condition of what they use on the job because this is also a measure of the company’s professionalism. Just imagine how they will handle your tree care needs if they can’t keep their equipment neat and in top condition. Hire a company that gives importance to this aspect of your tree care needs. 

    Our service extends beyond residential areas to include commercial properties. Whether you own a home or a business, rest assured, we provide equal care. Tidde Tree Service provides tailored solutions to meet your needs, ranging from routine residential tree trimming to extensive land clearing. Our comprehensive services ensure your satisfaction and the health of your landscape.

    We can provide you with free and fast-written estimates to help you compare with other tree companies of your choice. We promise to provide you with the best and most affordable tree service.

    Services We Offer

    As a provider of comprehensive tree maintenance, we provide an extensive selection of services to fulfill all of your tree care requirements. Our offerings consist of:

    • Tree Removal
    • Tree Trimming
    • Tree Pruning
    • Stump Removal
    • Stump Grinding
    • Emergency Tree Service
    • Lot and Land Clearing

    Our knowledgeable team will provide exceptional tree care services tailored to your specific needs. Make quick contact with us to schedule a consultation and guarantee that your trees will continue to flourish and look lovely for many years to come.

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    Tree Removal Tuscaloosa, AL

    Tree removal is crucial for various reasons. If your tree is dead, decaying, or severely damaged by snow or ice, prompt elimination is essential for safety and property preservation. In addition, if your tree is causing a potential threat to any nearby structure, like power lines or your home’s roof, then the tree needs to be eliminated as soon as possible. 

    Whatever the reason may be, our professional tree cutter can efficiently and safely remove the tree. We are experienced in the area of tree removal, and we have virtually removed all types of trees that are local to the area. If there is no other way for your tree to be restored, it already needs to be eliminated. We have the proper equipment to take on this task, so you can trust us to remove your tree in no time.

    Each tree is different from another. This is why we plan our actions before beginning the tree removal process. There are factors that we consider when doing tree removal. These factors include the age, species, location, and any surrounding structures. Once we’ve thoroughly assessed all considerations, we initiate the removal process promptly and efficiently.

    We begin by trimming the large branches and limbs near the canopy of the tree. Our ground crew ensures careful handling of tree debris and other materials. Upon request, we offer options to haul away the wood or stack it on your property. Additionally, you can opt to have the wood converted into firewood. Following trimming, our services include cutting the trunk to a suitable height for stump grinding. Concerned about tree cutting service costs? Rest assured, our tree cutting business offers competitive rates without compromising on quality

    When we are done with the job, we can assure you that you will be impressed with the outcome. Don’t attempt to handle your tree removal because it can be too risky. Hire our reputable company, we also specialize in large tree services to handle the removal of the massive oak in your backyard, cutters tree service efficiently completes the tree cutting removal, leaving your property tidy and safe. We are a tree cutting and removal company that you can depend on for professional and cheap tree cutting services. 

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    Tree Trimming Tuscaloosa, AL

    Tree trimming is an essential aspect of tree care. Sadly, some homeowners disregard this area of tree maintenance, which is why they are left with unsymmetrical and unhealthy trees. Trimming is important because it gets rid of dead branches and limbs that make the tree unattractive and hazardous. 

    If trees are not trimmed, the growth of the tree may be stunted. Some limbs need to be eliminated, while others need to be kept to ensure that growth will happen and your tree will continue to thrive. Also, untrimmed trees can cause serious damage to properties if they fall onto them. Trimming can also restore the tree’s natural shape and keep it from overgrowing.

    Unlike trees in the forest, trees in a landscape need to be trimmed because they tend to grow excessively because they don’t have to compete with nearby trees for sunlight that they need to grow. This causes trees to overgrow, which can hinder the growth of small plantings. Overgrown trees can create issues, and the best way to deal with them is by trimming them. It should be done every 3 to 5 years to keep the tree from overgrowing.

    Meanwhile, pruning is similar to trimming, only subtler. While you remove big branches and limbs in trimming, in pruning, you only eliminate small branches to keep them healthy and grow to their full size. If you regularly prune your tree, there is less need for it to be trimmed. Always rely on professionals to handle trimming and pruning for you. 

    These two important tree care steps may seem very simple at first glance, but if they aren’t done properly, they can do your tree more harm than good if you want to ensure that your tree is properly pruned or trimmed. When searching for “cheap tree trimming services in my area, including a reputable tree trim service and experienced tree trimmer service”, these are all provided by our reliable tree pruning companies. 

    Call us today; our friendly staff is standing by and our tree service prices are very affordable compared to other tree companies in the area.

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    Stump Grinding

    Stump grinding usually follows after a tree is removed. This is ideal for most residential areas because a tree stump that is left unattended can be home to pests and insects. Once the tree stump is plagued with these infestations, it can affect nearby trees, which can eventually cause damage to your home. 

    Additionally, opting to retain a stump in your yard can lead to gradual decay, further detracting from its appearance. Moreover, tree stumps pose safety hazards, particularly for children playing in your yard, as they may inadvertently trip over them, resulting in potential injuries. To mitigate these risks, consider enlisting the expertise of professional stump removal companies for safe and thorough removal, ensuring a safer and more aesthetically pleasing outdoor space.

    Stump removal involves digging even the root system. This usually leaves damage in the surrounding area and is ideal for the foundation and roadworks. This is a large-scale job and needs professional attention. Stump grinding, on the other hand, is much cheaper and requires the use of a stump grinder. We will grind the stump until it is 3 to 6 inches below the ground. Stump grinding is ideal if you want to re-plant the area.

    Storm Damage

    When a storm damages your tree, you might feel overburdened with the task of removing any tree debris from your property. You do not have to worry if this happens to you because our emergency service is available all days of the week. We understand that dealing with tree damage can be stressful and even paralyzing. This is especially true when any of your property is damaged or the tree is causing obstruction in the way. 

    We promise prompt response when you call us for all of your emergencies. We can clean up your property within the next 8 hours or even less. We will get rid of damaged and downed trees and try to save trees without significant damage. You can expect that when we are done with your property, you will see no trace of damage or tree debris because we have already taken care of them.

    Emergency Tree Service

    In the event of a catastrophe, our emergency tree service is readily available to deliver prompt aid. To restore order and security to your property, we are experts in storm clean up jobs and provide prompt response times. We recognize the urgency of the situation and prioritize your requirements as one of the top storm clean up companies in the region.

    Our proficient technicians perform expert tree pruning, debris removal, and tree crane service for large-scale projects as part of our comprehensive tree clean up services. Our competent tree cutting companies will attend to any unforeseen circumstance with diligence and professionalism, guaranteeing the timely extraction of perilous trees and detritus. When you require dependable emergency tree service, you can depend on our prompt arrival.

    Tree Company Tuscaloosa

    In Tuscaloosa, our tree company stands out as your go-to source for professional and cheap tree services. As a licensed and bonded tree service provider, we prioritize safety, quality, and customer satisfaction. Our team of local tree trimmers and experts ensures personalized attention to your needs, backed by years of experience and dedication to excellence. 

    We can provide stump grinding services, tree pruning, and tree management. We operate within your budget and timeframe while endeavoring to improve the health and aesthetic appeal of your landscape, as one of the most reputable local tree trimming companies. Our esteemed tree cutting company in Tuscaloosa guarantees the provision of superior services customized to your exact specifications, thereby guaranteeing the enduring prosperity of your outdoor area.

    Commercial and Residential Tree Service

    For all your commercial and residential tree service needs, trust our team of dedicated tree specialists. As experienced tree surgeons, we offer comprehensive tree work solutions tailored to your specific requirements. From trimming and pruning to removal and stump grinding, our skilled tree cutters handle every job with precision and care.

    Whether you’re a homeowner or business owner, we provide commercial tree cutting services and professional tree services to enhance the health and beauty of your landscape. As a local tree trimming service, we understand the unique needs of our community and strive to deliver exceptional results on every project. Count on us for reliable, top-quality tree care that exceeds your expectations, ensuring your outdoor space thrives for years to come.

    Service Locations

    Our tree service operates throughout Tuscaloosa, AL, and the surrounding areas serving residential and commercial clients with expert tree care solutions tailored to your specific needs and preferences.

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